Fee Schedule

Single Family Homes
1004 SFR (Non Complex) $300
1004 SFR (Complex) By Quote
1073 Condo/PUD $350
2055 Exterior Only $275
Appraisal UPDATE (442) $125
FHA $400
Multi Unit
1025 Multi/2-4 Units $425
1007 Rental Survey  By Quote
216 Operating Income  $50
442 Notice of Completion $125
REO Addendum $50
Vacant Land $300
Field Review $300
Desk Review $75
Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural By Quote

*Real Estate Appraisal fees may increase with complexity.  Call for quote.

*Call or email us today with any pricing or invoicing questions.

To order an appraisal, complete our online appraisal order form and we will get started.  We will contact you to confirm the receipt of the order and with the appointment time set to inspect your subject property. | 810-376-0096

These fees are guidelines only for properties that are reasonable typical for their area.  However, our compensation for performing an assignment is not contingent upon our opinion of value.  Actual residential and commercial fees are based on the estimated time required to complete the assignment after consideration of the complexity of the appraisal assignment, purpose of the appraisal, property type and type of report.  Above fees do not apply to appraisals involving litigation,  condemnation, construction defects or soil problems.



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